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Jaye Ward

"The Experimental Conversationalist"

When I was a kid, I was always very shy. Something changed after I got my first job at a seafood restaurant. I eventually began to really open up, talk, and get to know people for the first time at this high school job.

Pretty much everyone knows me as the sexiest genius in town. They also know me has an enormous bullsh*tter but one with the good intent of making others laugh. It is my goal throughout the day to make people laugh / smile as much as possible, even if it gets me into trouble.

I have been in some rough spots in my life. One of the biggest ones was the separation and later divorce of my parents. I believe it its because of this, my character has evolved to be social. I don't just like to have normal conversations. I like to push boundaries and just see how far I can take people. Call it manipulative or call it experimental.

Other information about me:
  • I have a background in all things music; writing, playing live shows, recording, live audio engineering, being a stage hand, band marketing, logo design. My favorite being probably live engineering.
  • I currently work in retail and hate it. I do like talking to customers though. My favorites are the angry ones that I can make laugh.
  • I am in a very happy relationship with an amazing girl named Shelby. She gives me realistic feedback on my work and it is because of her I am inspired every day to work hard.