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The First Samples Arrived...

Posted by John Ward on

I got the notification from USPS that my package had arrived today. I ordered my sample prints a few days ago and was very excited to pick them up. A few things though:

1. My post office's hours are 12:15 pm to 4:15 pm

2. Today I was supposed to get off from work at 4:00 pm

3. I work 15 minutes from my post office.

What a tease right?

I left as soon as I possibly could, around 3:51 pm. It was almost as if the universe was completely working against my goal of getting to the post office in time. Cars were constantly pulling out in front of me only to drive 15 mph under the speed limit, I got stopped by a school bus a few times, and even missed a stop light's green light by seconds. That meant I had to wait a full cycle of watching all of the other cars drive before me.

Yeah, I passed cars who were driving slow. Yeah I sped a little bit over the speed limit but sh*t man, I was on a mission.

The time I finally arrived at the post office? 4:12 pm

I was so excited that I nearly ran into the office. I was finally going to see, in the flesh, my designs printed on fabric, and it would be wearable too! Oh man, I couldn't contain the excitement. I threw the door open and-

The gate on the receptionist's window was already down. Are you f*cking kidding me?

I got my mail from the PO Box and walked slowly outside, severely disappointed. Then I thought about what my brother would say / do in this situation. His words rang in my head "You have not because you ask not" (not his original work). Technically this office is still open and the clerk closed up too early. Yeah, right.

I marched back in there, punch a hole in the glass so hard that I exploded the entire building. It's going to take weeks to rebuild. I'm facing felony charges.*

*just kidding.

I knocked on the gate and I heard a man say, how can I help you?

The gentleman was very nice but noticeably annoyed that I knocked on the window. I told him I was very appreciative that he opened back up for me. But then again, technically it shouldn't be closed anyway.

To make an already long story short, I got the sample prints.

So what about the prints?

When I got home, I practically glided into my house. I opened the package up and well...

They were better than I expected.

I was expecting the designs to be bad quality, or the the shirts to be that cheap stiff cotton shit from Wal-Mart but no. They're super soft and the designs are EXTRA clear. That's what using a high resolution PNG will do for you.

But oh man, this is was just a test of proof of concept and it succeeded. One of the shirts needs the design to be smaller and lower but that's on me completely. I am so excited to start selling these. You guys are going to LOVE them!

- Jaye.