So it begins...

Posted by Jaye Ward on

I have never really written a blog post before now, but we're going to take that time to introduce what Rotten Mind is.

Rotten Mind is dark humor. Rotten Mind is minimalistic. Rotten Mind is black and white just like our ideologies.

There seems to be an underwhelming amount of really dark shirts in this market. I have always been the kind of person who enjoys wit but also poking the bear to test boundaries. A lot of these designs will stem from that enjoyment. If you see a design that annoys you or pisses you off, you're giving me exactly what I want: a reaction. Nothing is more boring or such an injustice than art that doesn't solicit a reaction. I want my designs to be conversation starters, I want them to be disagreement creators, and I want them to spark friendships. Maybe you'll even find out who your enemies really are.

I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE. Don't fight with someone, talk with them instead. Some of my designs may piss off the wrong people and that's okay, but what's not okay is starting physical altercations. Be the bigger person and walk away.

So here's to Rotten Mind as it enters the marketplace, and here's to you for supporting us!

- Jaye