Russian Hospitality

Posted by Jaye Ward on

I have always been a big fan of Russians and their language. I love their accents when they're speaking in English, I love the cyrillic script, their culture, and their stereotypical badassery. Everything about them just brings an immediate sense of joy to me.

"Like the furst taste of votka after a long day ay comrade!" Sure thing bud, you got it.

I have been looking for a way to use Russian on a shirt for a while and then one day it finally dawned on me: I should make a fake travel shirt. This idea didn't immediately come out looking like this sexy visual stimulator. I had many iterations before it. I literally had to learn how to draw mountains just for this design. I even watched some youtube videos on how to draw minimalistic mountains but they just ended up looking like trash. Finally, I just gave up on that and tried to figure it out on my own based on images from google. This is what finally came out of 4+ hours of work. I'm quite happy with it and would go through the whole process again to get the same result.

As for the Russian, this is 100% approved by a REAL Russian. While I was working on the night shift of a local grocery store. I got quite bored often. Per the suggestion of a Ukrainian friend, I signed up for VK. This is how I originally met Evgenia. Since I was on night shift and our time zones were basically opposite, I was able to speak to her often. We have been friends ever since.

Thank You all, I hope you enjoy wearing it / looking at it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

- Jaye from Rotten Mind