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Let me start this off by saying, I have complete faith and trust in the store platform I am using and its payments processing. I have even used my own credit card information on it before to test it out. It worked without a hitch and I am not worried about it being stolen. Nothing is perfect, though.

Despite what I just said, I would still like to encourage you to use a service that will protect you, your information and your money from people who want nothing more but to use your payment information for illicit means. I use this service called Privacy (this is not a paid advertisement), and I no longer fear what will happen if my payment information is stolen online, especially on those kind of shady band merch stores. I used to be worried about that all the time. Hopefully by the end of reading this post you will no longer fear it either and will have a new found sense of payment liberation.

How It Works

1. Link your current form of payment

2. Create an artificial card

3. Set limits on expenditures such as time and total money

4. Use artificial card

It really is that easy and all of your cards are saved conveniently in the same place.

Reasons to use Privacy

1. Limits

If you know how much something should cost per month, why would you allow that service unlimited access to your finances? For example, if I were to use a Hulu, Netflix, etc. I could potentially be double charged. It has happened to me before. With Privacy, you can select a spend limit and a time frame. If any service tries to use more money than it is allowed, it will automatically deny the transaction and your money stays safe. This saves time because you don't even have to request a refund.

2. Shop Locking

When you use your credit card information online, it is possible that there could be some man in the middle, waiting to intercept your data. Generally speaking, most websites (including this one) use encryption. This means the only people who need to see your data, will. However if this fails, or a website uses a weak encryption algorithm, this could leave you potentially vulnerable. If you use Privacy, it literally doesn't even matter. If the hacker takes your digits from Spotify and wants to buy Pornhub Premium, it automatically denies the transaction. Imagine how many cards you'd have to carry if you locked each card to different merchants. Instead it's all conveniently located in one single application.

3. Burner Cards

Nothing gripes my buns more than trying to use a service that requires you to enter your credit card information just for the free trial. These companies prey on forgetfulness and hope you keep your subscription just until the deadline. Now, I am in no way, shape, or form, advocating you use Privacy to get unlimited free trials (pay for services you like, idiot). What I am advocating is a defense against this marketing tactic. A little tip though: Create your card, enter it in as a payment source on the website of your choosing, and then pause it. You must do it in this order or it will claim that your card doesn't exist. However, if you use these steps you're golden.


So I hope I was able to convince you that using Privacy will help you secure yourself and defend against pirates. I myself use the service all the time for pretty much any payment I make online. I even used it when the xbox marketplace required me to put in my information when Life is Strange is free. Like, are you kidding me?

I will be including a referral link at the bottom of this post. If you use my code, we both get $5 when you make your first payment. That's a free meal at Micky Dee's, baby.

Have a nice day, and be safe out there!

- Jaye from Rotten Mind


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