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Posted by Jaye Ward on

So since this whole coronavirus thing started popping off, I’ve been trying to think of ways that I could use RYM to try and stimulate people enough to draw attention away from COVID 19. Before all of this started happening I had ideas of an art contest, something that could help create a sense of community amongst all of us.  It’s one of my main goals with RYM.

I want all of us to come together in each other’s times of need, and have fun while doing it. That’s why the slogan is “laughed at, together”. It has a double meaning though and the other is that all of us weirdos are made fun of, but at least we’re together, laughing back at those a**holes.

So yeah, anyway. We’re having an art contest. Let’s have a look at the prizes.


1st Place:

Free RYM item of your choice (max $25) or cash equivalent


Your art featured as a product of your choosing and commission of sales

2nd Place:

Your art featured as a product of your choosing and commission of sales

3rd Place:

Your art will be featured on the rotyourmind Instagram and newsletter alongside other winners

I’m SUPER excited for this. I really want to see what everyone can do. I know you all have it in you to create something awesome to look at, now is your chance to get it out there, gain exposure, free merchandise and even some extra cash.

So what about the rules? I’d say I have more guidelines than rules but there are some.



1. You must be 18 or older and following our instagram @rotyourmind to enter .

2. Your art needs to fit the style of the store to be eligible to win. Some concepts that fall within this theme are horror, sarcasm, minimalism, parodies or self deprecation. Feel for to use any combination of these styles or none. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY

If you’re not sure it fits, submit it anyway.

3. Submit your art in the highest quality possible to and message our Instagram account to verify it was received.

4. If your submission is chosen, I will digitize it for you. This means it will be converted into black and white as well.

5. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You do not help your chances by buying anything from the store.

6. Have fun with it. Obscene imagery, rude speech and offensive terminology / themes are allowed.

7. Winners are chosen by my (Jaye) judgment, many factors may be considered. Winners will be announced April 31st.

So that’s pretty much all there is to it. I don’t really have any strict idea of what I want to see from you, so feel free to get creative. If you’re really stuck and can’t figure out what it is you want to illustrate, have a look at what we already sell and maybe that will spawn some ideas.

As an explanation about the commission, I can’t give you 100% of the sales because of the costs of manufacturing the products and operational costs of RYM but you will be compensated fairly.

Get cracking, and get those submissions in!

- Jaye from RYM