2019: False Passions & Starting Rotten Mind.

Posted by Jaye Ward on

It's absolutely insane to think that 2020 here. A couple of years ago, when Black Ops 2 came out, they released a map called Nuketown 2025. That year seemed so futuristic and distant. But now, it's practically on our doorstep.

Just like how Back to the Future mis-predicted 2015, Treyarch's is bound to be wrong. Where are we heading? Literally nobody knows, It's impossible to know. But what we can know is what has already happened.


From a business standpoint, 2019 was big for RM. After working in a deadend job, in what I consider the absolute epicenter of social desolation, I realized things had to change. I wanted to make a name for myself, and do something I truly loved. I had previously be pre-occupied with false passions such as writing music, show production, podcasting. This was the first year where I really sat down and reflected on myself.

My favorite part of all of my previous work was the graphic design. I would waste hours on creating logos, designing album covers, etc. instead of writing the music that the band required to be a band. Sure the writing part was fun and challenging but what really came naturally, was the art itself. I heard a saying one time that "the work you are doing to distract yourself from your other work is what you really should be doing". So I went full force into it.

Everyone I have told about this has been extremely supportive. My coworkers are excited to see what I come up with and my family loves what I do. The biggest sigh of relief is that my brother is supportive; his opinion means a lot to me. Back when I was trying to get the band going no one was really excited for me, and what I was doing just felt wrong. I played live shows but it lacked the effect I thought it give me. And that's the message I want to give you for 2020.

Go out and find your passion. No seriously, get the f*ck off of your lazy a** and go do it. I don't mean read about it. I mean literally try it. It is impossible to know how you will feel about something until you actually try.

Things I tried in 2019 but ended up ultimately disliking:

1. Podcasting. I thought it would be super fun to just talk and post it. I recorded the introduction episode, part of the first one, but it lacked the magic I was seeking. The most fun I had was writing and mixing the intro song.

2. Playing music live. This could probably change in the future because I believe there was a multitude of reasons why it went wrong. But I do know now what the formula is for me to dislike it. I will try it again in 2020 to see if I really dislike it.

3. Doing nothing. I thought my goal in life was to literally do nothing in the best way possible. I have frequently said that If I won the lottery I would invest it safely and live off the interest. F*ck off with that noise. I got so bored that I got a job. My goal in life isn't to do nothing anymore, it's to never be bored.

This Feels Right

Rotten Mind just feels right. It brings me great joy to sit down and work on a new design. Then when I see it in the flesh, printed, it's even better.

I am no longer trying to have a false motive, like with the bands I was in. This time I know it's real: Bring people together through questionable comedy and art.


So here's to 2020. Right now Rotten Mind is just a fledgling bird, flapping it's wings and trying to get air. It can practically taste all of the particulates in the air it wants to fly so bad. But equally, it wants to fall on the ground, crash and burn and be an absolute sh*t show, so we can all get some laughs out of it.


Get laughed at, together ...

... and have a good 2020 with us.

- Jaye