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2019 - 2020

Posted by Jaye Ward on

Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed, I haven't really been as active with RYM in quite some time now. This wasn't intentional and was the result of many things going on in my life. 

I have moved, taken on a lot more responsibilities, started going to school again and have been dealing with general life stuff that is just not in my control.

While stress is not always a good thing, it can really motivate us to find what it is in life that we really want. My art used to be a hobby, and I would just draw to the tune of music because I saw it as an escape. I could place myself into each piece of art and share it with others. Once it became financially focused, it started to become forced and therefore boring.

I have discovered something about myself, though, through the lack of time, energy and general miscellaneous resources that I have now and that is truth. Drawing / art / having a t-shirt line no longer interests me. In the beginning I was excited at the idea of turning something I was already doing into a source of income. It has never been that though and instead has been consistently costing me more money than I would like to say. I've sent multiple promotional items, spent money on advertisements and website upkeep. I'm sure if I kept at it and had more money to spend on this then I would be successful at it but I just don't think this is the industry I really want to be successful in.

My passion lies with music, and always has been. Since I've moved and had more experiences in my life, I have been so adamant about writing and producing my own music. I have one track that is 90% done, and another that I'd say is about 60% done. After I get these two done, I'm planning on getting them mastered and printed on a vinyl record just for myself. They'll be released on streaming platforms as well of course, but the record is just a memento and tangible evidence of productivity. Maybe if there's enough interest, I'll even start to sell them.

I realized also that my income at my current job is just not enough to sustain a person independently. I have taken this time to start going to school again and in a few months I will be an electrician. I love the math, the puzzles, and the general freedom that comes with the field. Some of the schoolwork is a little difficult but I always love a challenge, especially when it comes to studies. That being said, it does take a lot of time to sit and focus to be able to learn all of the information that goes along with it. 

It really comes down to time and money. Life is short, and owning a t-shirt business is just not something that I would like to dedicate a great amount of time on. I'd rather be an electrician in the short term and a musician in the long term. My money is limited and becoming an electrician will yield me more flexible finances, which I can then pour into my passions.

I have met some incredible people through this business, who I won't soon forget. Thank you all very much. As a thank you, I will be offering a 10% discount on everything. In one month, this store will be taken offline and I will be done with it.


Good luck everyone, I wish you best. Find your passions and focus on them.