The Fate of Humanity Rests on the Shoulders of Complete Idiots

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As the title suggests, you are about to witness a rant. If you are in the place where you do not wish to hear such negativity then I suggest that you close this entry immediately. 

As a preface, I would like to bestow upon you a quick story that recently heard while at work.

On Sunday of this week, we had a customer who was not feeling well come into the store. She later passed out and had to be taken away by EMTs. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but, and I’m sure you all know where I’m going with this, she tested positive for COVID-19 BEFORE coming in to shop. Also, she didn’t just come into shop once after diagnosis, no no no, that day she decided to come and go FIVE TIMES IN ONE HOUR.


It has really started top hit me today that compounding mistakes and errors really do contribute to major issues. Typically when an airplane crashes, it’s not just one error that causes it. Usually it’s problems that stack up and decrease the odds of something going right. What I mean is a little turbulence isn’t going to ground a plane at a little less than mach 1. What usually happens is there is a few other issues that add to this that make things worse. The visibility could be low, the co-pilot could refuse to speak against their superior in the case of error, the navigation instruments could be off, there could be engine failure, or the pilot could’ve had a restless night. Usually part or all of these things would have to happen at once for there to be a major incident.

Another example would be the Chernobyl disaster. Workers knowingly tested an unsafe reactor design while refusing to have any dissenting opinions with their superior out of fear of being dismissed from their positions and having their families removed from Pripyat. Not to mention they were trying to have the best results so *Anatoly Dyatlov* would save face for the higher ups. Even after the accident, the USSR hid crucial details that could’ve saved many lives from radioactive exposure.

Mistake 1, Unsafe reactor design. Mistake 2, Fear of challenging ideas. Mistake 3, Pressure to do well because of of the USSR.

I see a lot of similarities in what is happening today.

Mistake 1: Man eats an exotic food (bat)
Mistake 2: Man unknowingly spreads virus
Mistake 3: China allegedly tries to hide this
Mistake 4: Other countries act too late because of this
Mistake 5: People decide to not heed the warnings of public officials.


Now for the REAL rant portion of this entry.


People, this is not a fvcking game, and this is certainly not a fvcking vacation. This is not time for you to go out and run errands that you normally can’t do in the middle of the week. I don’t give a fvck if you don’t have time. If It was that important you would find the time away from your work. People are literally coming into the grocery store to buy fertilizer and plants for their gardens. They’re buying bicycles because it’s spring break. They’re buying all kinds of other stupid bullshlt they shouldn’t need in a situation as dire as this. Why is there such a vast quantity of people not taking this seriously? People are going to die because you’re too arrogant in your own health to stay home. The elderly are going to pass slowly and horribly because you had the audacity to bring your kids and the entire rest of your stupid fvcking family to walk around the store. Go the FVCK home if you don’t need to be here. ONE PERSON can shop for what you need and the spouse can watch the kids. This is not a time to be rubbernecking and it’s certainly not a time to have a family outing. Heed the warnings and keep your ignorant a$$ at home. Let me say it again for the people in the back:


You know something, I was finally getting to a healthy mindset where I believed “People aren’t so bad. Mostly they’re good honest people just trying to live their lives”. Well this shlts really challenging that. People are knowingly spreading the virus, or at least being stupid enough to challenge the odds that they won’t get it. If any of you tiktok’ers are reading this blog entry and feel like I’m personally attacking you, let me clarify. You’re goddxmn right I am. I encourage you to never buy anything from this store. I encourage you to tell everyone about how I think you're the absolute pinnacle of mental retardation. Actually calling you that may be a disservice to the actual mentally challenged. Those people have a medical condition that causes their thinking to be slowed in growth yet you act like you haven't grown since the second grade. "Me want attention! #toiletseatchallenge!".

Unpopular opinion time: I believe that if you are willfully negligent or are aiding / abetting the spread of the coronavirus, you should lose your right / privilege to treatment for infection from it, or possibly even be executed. You may think I’m being a bit too harsh, but really let’s just crunch the numbers. One person from China spread it to over 700,000 other people in the world. So really, you’d be potentially saving a ton of people by keeping that complete and utter dipshlt off the streets.

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t claim to be genius except when it’s comedically advantageous. I believe I am one of the dumber people that are in my immediate relationships and there are millions of other people who are smarter than me. But dang dude it’s pretty obvious what you should do in this situation yet people do the opposite.

That’s really all I had to say. I’m just really tired of people being dumb about this whole situation. Even if this is a government plot and doesn’t really exist for whatever reason, be safe and vigilant as if it were.

Panicking will not help anyone.

Side note: I am using alternative letters within my swear words just in case search engines choose not to index my blog posts because of the use of foul language. I know it loses impact but I need to do it.


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